5 Reasons Why You Need Linen In Your Life!

July 30, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need Linen In Your Life!

I have a confession, and something I have to admit. I’m really guilty of favouring and loving linen sheets, there I’ve said it! I’ve thrown out all my cotton sheets and invested in three sets of the Harmony Linen range. Yes, it’s been an expensive decision BUT I like to look at it as an investment. Why did I do this? The decision for me was simple: I want to enjoy my sleep, feel relaxed when I snuggle into my bed every night, and wake every morning feeling fresh and healthy ready to take on a new day!

I expect with proper care, these linen sheets will last upwards of forty years, and will even adorn the beds of my daughters and granddaughters. Not only will the initial expense be worth it, but it’s also an heirloom to share with my family, to pass on future generations. Reading up on the qualities and properties of linen, to me the decision was easy; I couldn’t afford not to invest in them. After some basic math it just made sense. Don’t just take my word for it though; cotton bedding, it’s time to say au revoir!

Here are 5 reasons why simply must invite linen sheets into your life:

1.Linen is a super strong fiber. When wet it’s double the strength of cotton, it can withstand frequent washing and wear and tear and is exceptionally durable.

2.Linen is extremely versatile. It keeps you cool and comfortable in summer, and being the best conductor of heat, and warmth in winter. You also eliminate the mammoth task of changing over to flannel sheets, as it gets colder, bonus! 

3.As linen ages, it gets softer and becomes luxuriously comfortable to sleep in. People, who sleep with linen, swear they’ve experience the best  nights sleep ever! Linen relaxes the body and calms the mind, ensuring you wake up feeling recharged and refreshed. A great way to start your day.

4.Linen is non-allergenic, a non-irritant and rejects bacteria. It is the healthiest and proven way to sleep.

5.The natural silicon in linen fiber protects against rotting, assuring the longevity and reliability of the product. Mummies dating back as far as 400BC were found still wrapped in linen; which has certainly stood the test of time. The Egyptians were certainly onto something.

Linen is the most ecological fiber to manufacture using five times less water than cotton. Great for our environment and natural resources. By investing in this versatile, long lasting super fiber, you’re also investing in yourself. The quality and well being of your health, lifestyle, the sustainability of our environment not to mention economically.