Loyalty Reward Program

Welcome to French Cargo's in-store loyalty reward program. Earn a stamp on your loyalty card for each $50 your spend on full price items in-store. Once your loyalty card has five stamps, you receive a reward of $15 off your next purchase.

How do I earn loyalty stamps?
Each time you spend $50 or more in-store on full priced items, you will receive a stamp on your loyalty card.

How do I redeem loyalty rewards?
Once you have received 5 loyalty stamps on your loyalty card, return back in-store to receive $15 off your next order.

Can I earn and redeem on sale items?
Earning loyalty stamps and redeeming rewards only applies to full priced items only. 

Do my loyalty stamps expire?
Loyalty cards are valid for 12 months from the first date of purchase.

What if my purchase has both sale and full-priced items?
Your loyalty stamp will be issued on $50 or more spent on the full-priced items only.

Is the loyalty card transferable?
The loyalty card is not transferable.

Can I earn and redeem rewards for online purchases on your website?
No, our loyalty program is only available for in-store purchases. Keep an eye out for our online loyalty program launching soon.

Can I earn or redeem rewards at Greek Cargo?
No, each store has its own loyalty program.

Can I accumulate loyalty reward cards?
You are welcome to accumulate loyalty cards, however only one $15 reward can be redeemed per day.

Is there a minimum spend to redeem a $15 reward?
There is no minimum spend to redeem your $15 reward, however if you do not redeem the entire $15 reward, any balance is forfeit. Example if you redeem $10 towards a purchase, the balance of $5 is forfeit.

Can I use rewards towards lay-by purchases?
$15 rewards can be used towards any lay-by payments.

What if I loose my loyalty card?
Loyalty cards are the customers responsibility and cannot be replaced if lost. A new blank loyalty card will be issued.

Can anyone get a loyalty card?
Yes, loyalty cards will be offered to all in-store customers.

What if I forget my loyalty card?
Stamps can only be earnt on presentation of your loyalty card at the time of purchase.