Happiness: The Art of Togetherness

Once you start to celebrate the fact that you're alive, you'll realize that since the day you were born you've been winning; life lessons from the ultimate Parisienne.

Ines de la Fressange shares wisdom gleaned throughout her life that has helped her to navigate the high and low points with equal grace. In this chic handbook with Japanese binding, Ines invites you to journal your own reflections next to hers, which are grouped into thematic chapters.

Illustrated by her charming illustrations, Ines shares her insight on life, covering everything from parenting, love, and friendship; to work-life balance, professional tips, and overcoming difficulties; to the benefits of gratitude, humor, and loyalty. She addresses style and fashion, encourages individuality and listening to your inner voice, and demonstrates the hidden power of positivity and kindness. Alongside her anecdotes, you can advance your wellness practice by annotating the pages with your own pivotal "lightbulb" moments and acts of gratitude.

While Ines makes everything look easy, she has encountered a number of challenges the unexpected death of her young husband, single parenthood, unemployment, and the ups and downs of a life in the fashion world; nevertheless, her rose-colored, humorous, empathetic, and inspiring approach to life offers comfort, joy, and the keys to well-being.

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