Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière

1st drop orders arriving end of August 2024 (order cutoff date 27th May 2024)

Discover the Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière and Illuminate Your Sanctuary.

Inspired by a transformative late-night pilgrimage to the caves of Crete, where monastic prayers have echoed through the ages, the Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière embodies the spiritual serenity of these sacred spaces.

Designed exclusively by Stacey K., each luminaire is meticulously handcrafted from a solid piece of translucent onyx, chosen for its unique beauty and ability to capture and radiate the golden glow of candlelight, reminiscent of the hypnotic hymns and mesmerising candlelight that once guided the devout in the cave commemorating the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus.

This onyx cave chapel reflects the mystical power and the stillness of ancient worship spaces, with its intentional simplicity and swirling, organic textures that evoke the natural forces that have sculpted these hallowed spaces over eons. Available in two elegant designs, Crème Onyx or White Marble, they each come with a hand carved crucifix for those seeking a spiritual connection. The Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière serves not only as an ambient light source but also as a beautiful memorial candle, offering a way to honour cherished memories with its gentle, comforting glow.

A Versatile Masterpiece for Every Occasion

Whether enriching your meditation space, adding a sophisticated touch to your home decor, or seeking a unique gift, the Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière caters to diverse needs and tastes. It stands as an ideal choice for celebrating milestones, expressing sympathy, or offering a thoughtful housewarming present. Let this spiritually imbued creation guide you towards inner serenity and reconnect you with your true nature, inviting you into an intimate sanctuary that feels at once prehistoric and timeless.

Embrace the combination of artistry, functionality, and spiritual enrichment. Order now to illuminate your home with a piece that's as meaningful as it is beautiful. Illuminate your space with the serene energy and timeless beauty of the Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière.

They measure at 20cm in height, 16cm in depth and 16cm wide.

Each Onyx Cave Chapel Lumière is delivered in a luxurious gift box, designed not only to protect but also to enhance the unboxing experience. Included with your lumière are three natural 15-hour burn candles made from pure vegetable wax, complemented by a specially designed vessel for placement. These additions ensure that you can immerse yourself in the calming ambience of your new sacred space from the moment of arrival.



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