Spring Colour Schemes For The Boudoir

August 26, 2015

Spring Colour Schemes For The Boudoir

The more I learn about interior design, the more I realise just how important colour can be. If I walk into a brightly painted office space, I’m ready to get down to business. The right combination of neutrals in a kitchen, and I’m instantly transported to France!

If you’re looking for an affordable way to revamp your bedroom for Spring, changing your colour scheme will shift your mood and give the space the makeover you’re looking for. It doesn’t take much to pack the punch; in fact, you don’t even have to invest in new furniture! Spend some time brainstorming what kind of energy you want for your bedroom and which colours express that feeling. 

Once you narrow it down, you can switch out your duvet cover, round up a few new decorative items, add a rug, or paint an accent wall to get your desired look.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are five gorgeous spring colour schemes for your bedroom!

1. White + Pop of Colour

While I tend to lean towards neutral colour schemes in my own home, I love the look of a pop of colour! Is there a hue that catches your eye? Go for white and orange or white and yellow, if you're an energy boost. Or choose white and blue or purple to make your space a personal oasis. 

2. Pastels

You know spring has sprung when pastels make an appearance! I love the calm, youthful vibe of a pastel-themed bedroom; whether one chooses to mix pastels or stick to one shade. A pair of antique vases I found in Paris would be the ideal addition to a pastel green-themed bedroom. 

Or one of the gorgeous French chairs purchased from a French Antique Dealer, positioned in a cute corner of the room. Can you just imagine a silk cream negligee thrown over it?  

3. All Neutral

What better way to relax than in a tranquil space filled with earth tones and unique texture? Mix and match your favourite subdued hues to create your ideal refuge. The Stonewashed Linen Quilt Cover and linen sheets is a wonderful place to start when giving your room a neutral makeover.

4. Monochrome

A black and white bedroom is always in style! This chic theme is a great option for those with a taste for high fashion, or couples who can’t decide on a look that fits them both. Modern Bookends and my favourite French candle make lovely accents to any monochrome room. 

5. Metallic Accents

Accent a wall with metallic wallpaper or collect shimmery treasures like Metallic Glass Vases. You can also be a little more subtle by using a or thread with a metallic hit or showcase a metallic throw or cushions. A truly unique and contemporary look for the modern bedroom.  

For more decorative options, browse my online store or contact me for consultation. And if you need a little more colour scheme inspiration, check out House Beautiful and The Life Creative. No need to stress – giving your space a little spring makeover is nothing but fun!