Follow Your Passion

December 04, 2014

This is my first blog -ever! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have taken many steps in my life but never as big as this. Leaving behind my corporate job of 27 years to start my own business - what was i thinking?  I was smitten though, there was no turning back. Like a love affair that was cut too short, the desire to start my own French homewares store was too compelling to ignore any longer.  I had waited 10 years to fulfil this dream.  I seized the opportunity during a company restructure and jumped ship.  And here I am.  French Cargo was born on 15 August 2014.  

I won't lie and say it has been a breeze.  Establishing a new business, studying for my Diploma in Interior Design (my other passion), being a mum to 2 girls and wife to my husband Leo (who has been a tower of strength) and looking after my mum, has been quiet challenging. But I just can't imagine doing anything else.  

I am still learning. I have met some wonderful, generous people along the way and feel truly blessed that I am on the right path.  I am addicted, passionate and  determined to build French Cargo into a successful French and European homewares  store.  But first, it blooms online. 

So what is French Cargo?

French Cargo will bring you an eclectic mix of French and European homewares and vintage finds from France and countries beyond.  I  seek new and emerging designers to bring you something unusual and not often found in Australia.  French Cargo will bring a story to your home and a talking point for your guests.  It will enhance your decor by bringing a mix of traditional French and contemporary European products to your home.  When a French Cargo item comes into your home, it has been especially selected, thought of, loved and desired by others.

I look forward to your feedback, your thoughts, your requests.  I travel overseas twice a year in search of trends and unique homewares/designers to bring those ideas and products back to you. 

My First Journey

Two weeks after French Cargo was born I travelled  to Paris to visit the Maison et Object. It felt like I was in Alladin's Cave. 8 huge Exhibition halls filled with suppliers selling their products (predominantly French of course!). But there were other suppliers too from Northern and Eastern Europe and a few from Asia. Mind blowing. My collection of homewares at French Cargo stem from that visit to Paris.  Merci for reading my first Blog! Xx