Turkish Chevron Cotton Blanket - Black and White

Gorgeous Black and White Turkish Cotton blanket, by Turkish Murkish Collection. Made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton and hand loomed by Artisans.  

An elegant black and white Herringbone pattern with a white border and hand tied tassels. This is a beautiful, blanket that is versatile and stylish.

Use it on your couch, on your favourite chair, on your bed, or as a tablecloth.  You can even use it as a large beach towel or picnic rug.  It is soft, lightweight and crease free, this is the perfect addition to your home.  

Size: 250 cm (L) x 200 cm (W) 

What is Buldan Cotton?

Buldan Cotton comes from a small town in Turkey called Buldan. It is here where the internationally recognised cotton is made.  Buldan cotton has been used for centuries to weave clothing and homewares for the Sultan and Turkish Royalty.  It is a strong, quality cotton that dries quickly and retains its beauty and softness, wash after wash.  All Turkish Murkish Towels are made of Buldan Cotton, or a mix of Buldan Cotton and other natural fibres.  When you are buying A Turkish Murkish Towel, you can be assured that you are buying Quality.

Caring for your Turkish Blanket

Machine or hand wash in cold water, and line dry.

Do not use a dryer as the high temperatures may shrink the cotton. 

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