Sophie La Girafe Fleurs Gigognes Stacking Cups

The iconic Sophie La Girafe is at French Cargo. A classic stacking cup set with 8 colourful flower-shaped cups to play with. With plenty of different ways to play with them through the various stages of development, these are the perfect gift. 

  • At 6 months, baby will enjoy handling them and love feeling the textured animals in the bottom of the cups.
  • At 8 months, baby will love filling them with water and then pouring it over himself, while learning about cause and effect and basic concepts such as empty and full and heavy and light.
  • From the age of 1 year onwards, as baby becomes more dextrous and begins to grasp the concept of big and little, these cups are great for stacking and nesting.

Packaged in a gift box. Suitable for 6+ months.

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