Places We Swim - Sydney book

The book Places We Swim Sydney, is about swimming destinations ranging from neighbourhood city pools to gorges that feel like the outback.  This book is a celebration of not just these magnificent swimming locations but of the diverse landscapes and water-loving communities that make up Sydney,

Covers six different regions around Sydney waterways - encompassing walks and swims within two hours of then CBD.  from Manly in the North to Maroubra in the east, Royal National Park in the south, and out to the Blue Mountains in the west. Discover what makes each swimming spot unique, learn the best time to go, gain some useful local knowledge and find out the most delicious places to eat nearby. Includes landmark attraction in each region and great advice from a well-known local.

Soft Cover  - 237 pages

Written by: Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon

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