Paris for Food Lovers book by Elin Unnes

From the cutting edge of the Paris food scene, Elin Unne's book discovers the coolest places to eat in the City of Light from market stalls, restaurants in alleys, bars and places serving 'nouvelle nouvelle cuisine'.  Organised into chapters for different parts of Paris, this guide includes many great photos and interviews with local chefs. It covers all the places Hemingway didn’t drink at.

Author Elin Unnes says 'The new French chefs are not necessarily French. They are French-Japanese-Nordic. And it doesn’t matter where they come from. The restaurants where they cook are often in the culturally unique eleventh arrondisement. They have odd chairs, classic Opinel knives that are licked clean between courses and a talented sommelier who pours new, fantastic natural wines in the same glass as the last. It’s an intoxicating fairytale world where a little bit of everything can happen.'


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