Olive & The Larder: An All-Ages Storybook by Bianca Tzatzagos

Olive and the Larder celebrates the simple joys of grown-up life: keeping a home with well-stocked shelves and a nurtured garden, hosting friends for tea, random acts of kindness. This warm-hearted tale tracks a day in the life of Olive and her beloved kitchen larder - a seemingly ordinary day that turns out to be something quite special. Crafted entirely in Australia with an heirloom spirit, this beautiful, limited-edition book makes a happy bedtime read for children and a fun gift for grown-up collectors and creatives.

Numbered limited edition only 500 printed. Signed by the author. Comes gift wrapped.  Great gift to give young and older. Inspirational story of generosity and compassion. 

Measurements: 22cm length x 15cm wide 


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