Kylie the Crocodile in Paris Written by Oliver Gee

This delightful children's book follows the story of Kylie, a crocodile that lives in the Canal Saint-Martin of Paris.  She explores Paris secretly by day, watching people from the safety of storm drains (look for her on her every page).

At night, she sneaks out of the Canal and visits famous places in Paris.  

Written by Oliver Gee and illustrated by his wife, Lina, this is a fun and informative children's book on Paris, as seen through the eyes of a Crocodile.  Lots of fun facts about Paris at the back of the book too. 

Hard Cover - beautiful illustrations, beautifully written. This will bring smiles to many children's faces.  A lovely story to share with your child, or to gift.  Suitable for ages 4-9 years old.


About the Author:  Olive Gee is a talented Aussie Journalist and writer based in Paris.  Originally from Sydney, Australia, he moved to Paris in 2015 to work as Deputy Editor for a French newspaper.  He has now married and settled there with his beautiful wife and illustrator, Lina.  Oliver is famous for his popular podcast, The Earful Tower, and has written his memoirs Paris on Air. A funny, beautifully written book.  It follows his experience living in Paris and the people he meets and places he visits. It will have you laughing out loud.  His typical Aussie humour is evident in that "you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can't take Australia out of the boy" .  Paris on Air is also a must-read (for the adults) and available on our website.

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