Hand made ceramic vessel soy candle - Summer Fig Scent

These organic hand made ceramic vessels are just divine on their own - but you also get 100% soy candle with a beautiful summer fig scent.  I am in love with this scent.  Fresh and soft, it creates a lovely ambiance in your home.

Once the soy candle has finished, use these beautiful vessels as a vase, storage for your pens, brushes, or anything really.  I use mine to serve jam, honey or for little snacks.  So many useful uses for these.

Available in 2 designs.  Cylinder and bowl

Bowl measures approximately 9cmH x 11cmW

Cylinder measures approximately 10cmH x 9cmW

Each vessel holds 285gm of 100% soy was.  Approximate burntime : 60 hours.

Each vessel is made by hand and is unique. No two are the same.

Dishwasher proof.

Trim the wick to 3cm before lighting the candle. Never leave a candle unattended.

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