French linen Tea-Towel - Mustard with Black grainsack stripe

You can't beat the absorbency of a linen tea towel.  Thick and thirsty French linen tea towel in the popular mustard colour with 2 black grain sack stripes on each side.  Made by Harmony Textile, France.

Versatile, practical, sustainable and economical.  The benefit of drying with a linen tea towel is that there is no lint.  The linen has been pre-washed so it is soft and no shrinkage occurs or loss of colour.  Machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent.  Can be tumble dried on gentle cycle or line dry. Linen has a stronger fibre than cotton when wet and lasts longer.  

Linen Tea Towel measures: 50cm x 70cm
Made in Europe.

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