Extra large French Round Wooden Cheese/Bread Board

Wooden extra large French cheeseboard/breadboard perfect for entertaining.

Measurement: 55cm diameter x 69cm length including handle

History of the Bread Board

These French bread boards were originally used by families to take to the local boulangerie with their bread order every morning. As each village member's order was made it was placed on the family bread board, stored in a bread board rack waiting for the customer to collect at lunch time for the main meal of the day.

Each bread board was slightly different and because in the 17th and 18th centuries people could not read or write the board was recognised by the shape of the handle, the size or shape of the board, an initial carved in the handle and in certain areas of France a painting on the underside. These paintings were particularly associated with the Alsace/Lorraine area of North Eastern France and the Swiss German influence of the painting is easily recognised.

Although these boards were originally never intended for cutting or cheese boards today they have been adapted to be used and cheese boards and bread boards.


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