Berard Olive Wood Cheeseboard - Medium size

A beautiful and unique medium size cheeseboard made from 100% French Olivewood by Berard France. Perfect to share two pieces of cheese or a couple of pates, or even to serve a cake on. Each piece is unique, no two cheeseboards are the same. The natural grain of the olive wood gives each cheeseboard its uniqueness. Can also be used as a small chopping board. Comes with a leather strap for hanging.

Established in 1892, Berard, France has been creating luxurious gourmet utensils and cheeseboards in the heart of Northern Provence. Building on years of craftsmanship, Berard utilizes only the branches of the olive trees to create their products, allowing the tree to continue to grow and thrive for centuries to come.

Dimensions: 30cmL (including handle) x15cmW

Made In Frace.

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