Antique 19th Century French Books set of 5 - Etudes De la Nature - Studies of Nature

Beautiful set of 5 (numbered 1-5) volumes of French 19th Century Antique books on the Study of Nature. Leather Bound with beautiful soft marbling on the front and back cover. Written by Jacques-Bernardin- Henri De Sain-Pierre.

Printed in 1804 in France and in very good condition considering their age. One of the Volumes has a slight lifting on the leather binding but it adds to its patina.

Books measure: 24.5L x 14cmW

Use them around the house for decorating and for reading.  I don't read French, but I have a few of these Antique books around the home as they bring so much joy and history and texture to a home. 

They would look beautiful displayed in a bookcase or on a console. 

Sold as a set.

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