A Taste of Paris - A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food by David Downie

A Taste of Paris is a delectable culinary history of the Gastronomic Capital of the world. In his trademark witty and informative style, David Downie embarks on a quest to discover "What is it about the history of Paris that has made it a food lover's paradise. Long before Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake" (it was actually brioche), the Romans of Paris devoured foie gras and live oysters rushed in from the Atlantic.

Following the contours of history and the geography of the city, Downie sweeps readers on an insider's gourmet walking tour of Paris revealing the locations of Roman butcher shops, classic boulangeries and uncovers what has made Paris, the food lovers capital of the world.

Hardcover book. A wonderful and interesting read.

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